Sunday Services & Events

Sunday Services and Events

As a lay-led church, our Sunday Services are presented by the individual members of our congregation, meaning we enjoy a wide variety in our worship, both in subject and presentation. Sunday Services in the past have ranged from Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to Easter, from radical hospitality to gratitude, from just war and peacemaking to a silent meal served in the meditation style of the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, from a blessing of the animals to a walk in the woods.

We also love opportunities to gather our congregation and the surrounding community in fun, engaging events! We hold events, including workshops for spiritual exploration, drumming, meditation, yoga, community service endeavors, outreach, book sales, dinners, and we also participate in community festivals.

Unitarian Universalist Interpretations and Perspectives – Available on YouTube

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Galen Guengerich on UU University : Theology for a Secular Age Part 1

There are 7 parts, you can probably link from one to the other on YouTube. These scholarly lectures trace the changing theology of the Judeo-Christian traditions and the impact of science on human understanding of the world and ourselves

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar “Humanism: New and Old” Relevant to our vision; recognizes that different people respond to different inspirational sources

Rev. Douglas Taylor “Polity, Pine Trees, and Process Theology” Gould Lecture at the Saint Lawrence District Assembly April 26, 2013, explores grace, community, and process theology. First four minutes is introduction; lecture ends at approximately 51 minutes of the video

Rev. Tamara Lebak “Re-Imagining Religion” – starting with childhood experiences, encounters with churches, Rev. Tamara recounts the development of her life outlook and theology. There are two other sermons in the Re-Imagining Religion series about making sense of the experiences of life in order to live.

Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford tells about her struggles with the concept of God. This link is to Part 2.

Rev. Crawford’s video is provided by the Church of the Larger Fellowship. See Senior Minister Meg Riley’s invitation online at .

Rev. Tamara Lebak on Unitarian Universalism (So You Really Want to Know) – history, theology, mission (Part 1 of 3)

Rev. Tamara Lebak “Conversations That Matter ( series of 3) relevant to covenant and interpersonal skills

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar and Rev. Tamara Lebak “Relationship” – relevant to vision and mission and covenant, and to decision-making processes

Rev Tamara Lebak No Scripture is Sacred. First of a series of three sermons on the meaning and use of sacred texts, not limited to Bible

Rev. Tamara Lebak on “Why God Matters” (keep in mind UU interpretations of “God”)

Rev. Tamar Lebak “Choose Gratitude” – spiritual practice, method to train brain, select attitude, choose among stimuli – neuroplasticity

Rev. Marlin Lavahar “Back to the Future” – very relevant to UUCE at time of vision and mission development; also on diversity and a new look at some old biblical stories; could be very good for pathway to membership classes

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar “The Welcome Table” an inviting interpretation of communion, inspired by the Hungarian sister church from an agricultural point of view

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar “Faith for the Free” – what faith really is and strength of congregation

Galen Guengerich interpretation of Easter “Out of the Darkness”

Rev. Barbara Prose ASU CH. Tulsa sermon to humanists about prayer (Why Pray) ?

Rev. Kathleen Rolenze, guest minister at Tulsa, on stealing Jesus back

Rev. Eric Banner, What Is the Spirit, delivered to humanists

Tamara Lebak UU interpretation of Born Again

Tamara Lebak, In Pieces (The Point, humanist service)

Last half of sermon – it is the church that saves lives, the work of the church is the transformation of society, not creeds; a UU interpretation of Good Friday and grief!

Rev. Tamara powerful and challenging and meaningful Coming of Age sermon

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar, “Atheist Spirituality” , understanding of spirituality as a natural rather than a supernatural, experience; discusses spirituality without religion and religion without spirituality; interconnectedness of all natural phenomena; UU worldview encompassing social justice and a sense of awe; making sense of our lives ; hearing a message in our own theological language

Rev Carlton Pearson on God logic (God Is Not a Christian) (Part 1 of 3 or 4)