Upcoming Sunday Services

Services are held at GHUUC 174 S. Main Slippery Rock at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. Please join us!

Nov 26 – Thanksgiving Service and Meal – Led by Lois Ament. This meal is a pot luck. The Turkey is provided, but the rest is up to us!! Please bring your favorite Thanksgiving Dish to share. This is a wonderful time to enjoy good food and good company and be thankful for all that we have. Please join us!!

After the Service and meal we will be Hanging the Greens in preparation for the holidays! Decorating for the Holidays is a great way to get into the spirit! Stay to help if you can!

Wisdom from the Worlds Religions: Shared Values and Teachings

Dec 3 – Advent – Led by Julie Graham and Rick Comperatore.

Dec 10 – “Our Vision, A Conversation” – Led by Terry Sendek

Dec 17 – “Human Rights: Their Spiritual Origins” – Led by Ted Kneupper. This will consider how the notion of the rights of persons developed through the influence of Jewish, Confucian, Christian, Muslim and Protestant religious insights to culminate in their recent form as the Declaration of Human Rights.

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve Service

Dec 31 – “New Beginnings” – Led by Amy Jo Labi-Carando