Upcoming Sunday Services

Services are held at GHUUC 174 S. Main Slippery Rock at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. Please join us!

This quarter’s theme: The UU Tradition of Social Justice

March 25 – “American Indians and Social Justice” – Led by Jesse Allen. This service is going to center on poverty on Native American reservations and women. What we can do to improve the conditions by investing in infrastructure and job opportunities.

April 1 – “A Traditional Christian Easter Service” – Led by Rick Comperatore and Julie Graham

April 8 – “Disability Issues”- Led by Alissa Carter

April 15 – “Form Follows Function” – Guest speaker Dr. Robert Hedrin from South Hills UU Church will talk about of remediation of mine water.

April 22 – “Earth Day! Spirituality, Science and Climate Change” – Led by Berenice and Bob Madjaric

April 29 – “Listening and Social Justice” – Led by Kristin Park